Build Stength, Manage Your Weight,
Master Your Sport

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You need to accept on arrival that your first session is just about having a winning mentality to keep going and learn how to survive!

After that your fitness, strength and mindset will be like a machine – unstoppable!

The Process


Build Strength

Strength isn’t about lifting or pulling heavy weights, it’s a lot more than that. It’s a state of mind – it’s how you prepare and execute each training session straight from the off!


Manage Your Weight

In addition to how we train on the studio floor, we go into more depth by assessing your lifestyle and tailoring a personal plan to bring you into the best possible shape


Master Your Sport

From boxers and footballers to rugby players and athletes, we all need to be consistent with our training – talent alone isn’t enough!

After my pro-boxing career came to an end, I always knew deep down I would become a coach.

Being ranked 13th by the British Boxing Board of Control was a massive achievement for me, as well as becoming 3-time British Champion in my kickboxing career. But, for me, it wasn’t enough, having not fulfilled my dreams of holding a title belt.

The Story

Corporate Training

We all know that exercise keeps us fit and healthy, and can have massive benefits on our physical and mental health. In business terms, training can help you stay healthy, fit, strong and happy. This means enhanced productivity and less days off sick.

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Train and Refuel

We can provide snacks, shakes and prep meals at the studio – ready to take away after a hard training session

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Fit Food

Fuelling your body with the right foods, snacks, or protein shakes is essential for sports performance.